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As I wander from here, to there, and everywhere I take diligent notes on the things I see, do, and taste. Those notes have always inevitably wound up buried at the bottom of a memory box...until now! 

Check out my"Quips" for first-hand information on what it feels like to actual experience some of the things I've written about on my country and continent pages. This is your one-stop-shop for the good, the bad, and the quirky stories of all the places I've been. Don't see a city or activity listed, but still want to know more? Shoot me a message and I'll send you some excerpts from my journals!

Curious to know how I've been able to afford these trips and experiences? Reach out and read my "Tips" below for info on ways to find unbelievably great and cheap flights, hotels, restaurants, adventures, and more! 




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