Oktoberfest: Part 2


I think I can, I think I can, I think I can… We made it out of bed, to breakfast, and out the door by 8:30, which was a miracle. Decked out in our dirndls once again, we raced to Oktoberfest hoping to beat the crowds that had kept us from an indoor table on opening Saturday. Hysterically, we found out when we got there that the gates don’t open until 9am and the tents don’t open until 10am. We had plenty of time!

We went to Löwenbräu tent to start our day. It was a little cold and rainy, but once we got our steins we didn’t care at all! The beer was delicious (and strong) and we spent the day dancing to local bands, drinking, and making new friends. After a while, we decided to take a break from the tents and we went to try out some of the rides. We had a hysterical time going down the carpet racing (one of our less steady new friends tumbled down the conveyer belt that took you to the top of the ride and it was a riot).  We had a blast walking around, getting snacks, and playing games. After a bit we went to the Schutzen tent and had the best chicken I have ever had in my life (sorry Mom!).

When we got tired of the tent life, we headed outside to do some more rides. The Tobbogan was my favorite, and so funny!! The conveyor belt that takes you to the top moves incredibly quickly, and none of us could keep our balance the first time up. The second time was a little more successful, but not much! Then we tried the Teufelsrad – a very old and traditional game where a bunch of people sit in the middle of a spinning plate and have to do certain tricks (like hulla hooping) while staying on. It was SO much fun!!

Then we had some more beer and food, and went to the Bratwurst tent to watch my cousin, Domi, and his band play. We got beers, made friends, listened to the band (they killed it!), danced, and had so. much. fun. It was a great end to the day!

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