Sometimes You Have to Go on A Spontaneous Trip to Luxembourg

Man oh man, what an adventure this has been! We left our hostel in Brussels in the mid-
afternoon and headed to the train station to hop on the road to Paris — we could hardly
contain our excitement! Sadly, when we arrived at the platform we were informed that due to huge protests and strikes in the public transportation sector, we needed to buy a seventy euro reservation to get on the train, but it was now too late to do that.

Eyes glistening, we saw our train pull out from the station and leave us in the dust. But, in the true spirit of wanderlust, we found the next available train and decided to hop on and see where we wound up. And so we arrived in Luxembourg that night!

We stayed at an adorable little restaurant turned hotel, called La Veranda, which was about a fifteen-minute walk to the train station, and maybe twenty minutes to the city center. They had delicious (and free!) breakfast in the morning, and given that the restaurant was directly below us, we were never left wanting for a bite to eat.

We passed two days walking through town, relaxing, and going to see tons of churches, old buildings, and eating ice cream! (Read about all the things we saw and did on my Luxembourg page). 

Two days later we were finally able to get on a train to Paris, and off we went!