Beware the Berlin Brennessel

We woke up on our first day in Berlin and headed into the center of town with Eda, the sweet woman whose family we are staying with. She and her husband, Johann, have taken us in and are sweet as pie! They spoil us daily, and I have to say, I don’t hate it.

Eda took us to a number of historical sites throughout Berlin city center today including the Brandenburger Tor, La Pieta, Berliner Dome, Museum Island, and a delicious Mexicana restaurant called Que Pasa. (Read more about all of the things we saw on my Germany page). It was such a great afternoon, and we really loved getting to see the sites. 

After Eda departed to head home for the afternoon, Megan and I met up with her Uncle Stefan and his girlfriend, Geraldine. They were so sweet and took us to see the remains of the Berlin Wall, the Tempelhof landing strip, and a park with a new section dedicated to different kinds of arts called Juni Park, just outside of the airfield (which serves now as I kind of skate park). There were a bunch of dancers holding practice or auditions of some sort in the Juni Park and it was really cool to see! I also learned today about the Brennessel plant, which is Europe’s version of poison ivy. It has little tiny spikes on the leaves that stick into your skin when you touch it and leave you with a shard stabbing pain in the spot and red bumps. Don’t touch it!!

We also went to an awesome little coffee and a Vietnamese restaurant called Pho Phan. It was soo delicious, authentic, and really cheap! We had planned on going out after, but the day had started so early and we had been in the sun all day at that point so we headed home and got some things done before heading to sleep!

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