We woke up nice and early again in the morning so Jeremy could lock up before heading to work, and went to dump our things in a locker at the train station. Then we ventured out in search of the Louvre! Let me tell you, that place is huge. It was absolutely fascinating to see all the Greek, Egyptian, Italian, French, etc. art, but very overwhelming a lot of the time as well. We saw works by Botticelli, Leonardo de Vinci, and dozens of other “masters,” but I think some of my favorite things were the lesser-known artists and the ancient Egyptian art, including the Seated Scribe, which I learned about in my art history class. There were so many incredible details and stories behind each work, and while I could have spent all day there we had but two hours for a quick look. Be forewarned if you visit, it is confusing as all get out to navigate, so leave your pride at home and ask for directions at every chance you get because otherwise you’ll never find your way out! After we were done we made sure to get another round of incredible crepes, and then hopped on a train and zipped off to Nice for the rest of the week!

Katie WatsonComment