Notre-Dame Cathedral, Luxembourg

Notre-Dame Cathedral, Luxembourg


Things to do: 

  • Grand Ducal Palace: Massive, gorgeous home of the Grand Duke of Luxembourg 
  • Mudam: Contemporary art museum with great pieces, statues, and architecture 
  • Norte-Dame Cathedral: No, it's not the Notre-Dame, but it is a beautiful cathedral built in three prominent styles: Gothic, Baroque, and Renaissance 
  • Adolphe Bridge: Offers some of the best views of the city 

Where I stayed: 

  • La Veranda: We booked incredibly last minute (literally a couple hours before check-in) and were pleasantly surprised by this hotel/restaurant! It's an easy fifteen minute walk to the train station and a twenty minute walk to the center of town. The bottom of the hotel serves as a delicious restaurant with lots of local favorites, the rooms were decent, and the staff was very friendly. What's better, it was super inexpensive! I would definitely stay here again. 

Foods to Try: 

  • Luxembourg's food is a very interesting, and hearty combination of German and French flavors. It relies heavily on potatoes, meats, fish, cheeses, and cream. 

  • Bouneschlupp: Very traditional stew with potatoes, vegetables (especially green beans), and bacon. 

  • Gromperekichelcher: Potato pancakes eaten as a snack or appetizer

  • Huesenziwwi: Hare stew, marinated for 48 -72 hours, cooked in wine  

  • Fresh water fish, such as trout and pike are common, and very tasty  

General Information: 

  • Luxembourg is a tiny country, making it a perfect week-end addition to your Euro-trip. If you're looking for a relaxing vacation, I'm sure you would have a great time nestled in this hilly city. If you're looking for something a little more upbeat, I would recommend staying two days. 

Safety Tips: 

  • Luxembourg is considered to be one of the safest countries in Europe, though petty crime still persists. Keep an eye on your purse, wallet, and passport, especially in crowded areas or transportation hubs, and always ask your hotel/hostel/Airbnb host which areas are safe and unsafe to wander around at night. 

Transportation in Luxembourg: 

  • Luxembourg is a very small country (it's smaller than Rhode Island!) making it easy to get around the entire country. There is easily accessible public transportation in the city, as well as bike lanes anead sidewalks to walk on. 

  • It's relatively easy to rent a car to get around on your own. 

  • Taxis are available in the city. 

  • Trains can take you from Luxembourg city to the farthest parts of the country and neighboring Belgium, France, and Germany. If you're going to be traveling between cities or countries in Europe, I recommend getting a Eurail Pass. I bought a one month unlimited pass and was able to take as many trips, to as many countries as I liked for one flat rate. You can buy them for almost any length of time for whichever countries or regions you prefer. There are lots of discount flight websites if you prefer to fly.  I particularly like RyanairRome2Rio, and Google Flights.